Easy and efficient pressure testing machines for the quick and easy detection of fissures and cracks and the water tightness control in the cooling circuits of cylinder head and cylinder block coolant circuits.



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Worldwide leader in the cylinder head valve job machining area thanks to its patented centering systems on air cushions, SERDI offers a wide range of standard machines covering almost every valve seat sizes from the smallest air-cooled engines to very large railroad and marine engines. SERDI machines are in daily use at almost all OEM […]


Our own label. We develop machines and equipment for metal industry and engine- and brake rebuilding workshops for over 30 years.


2008 marked our 50th year designing and manufacturing quality tools and equipment. K-Line® takes pride in its ability to evolve with an ever changing demand for quality special tools and equipment. From humble beginnings as a small family owned business, K-Line® has become a world class competitor in the Agriculture, Construction, Marine, Truck, Turf and […]


AZ’s missionis to project and design machines to each and every customers individual needs and to solve the particular grinding problems specific to complex workpiece shapes.


For over 65 years Berco has been producing machine tools and equipment for reconditioning of internal combustion engines. All Berco machines are dependable and manufactured using the most advanced technologies. The severe tests and inspections carried out by sophisticated computerized equipment insure the best reliability of all Berco products. The highly technical performance and superior […]


PEG brand was established in 1968 and has since become synonymous with valve seat grinders. In all these, thanks to the knowledge and the professionalism of its technicians, the company has managed to dominate the world market with its products and has added to the valve seat grinders a number of useful machine tools and […]


Manufacturers of dynamometers and flowmeters.


Company CARMEC d.o.o. (ex-COMEC-EXIMUR) has been in business since 1992 distributing, selling and manufacturing professional equipment for automotive workshops and industry. In 2007 they started to manufacture automotive ENGINE REBUILDING machines and equipment for automotive workshops under our trade name Carmec, which they sell to worldwide high motivated and competent distributors. Products include: Pressure Tester […]


Elettrorava balancing machines are designed keeping in mind and considering the needs of the final user. The company was born as manufacturer of high speed motors and developed internally the technology.

Van Norman

A full range of equipment includes machinery for motorcycles, small engines, automobile, diesel, marine and high performance engine rebuilding.


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