Tunnel Washing Machine KT-600

Brand: Teijo

TEIJO tunnel type parts cleaning machines offer an efficient way to wash components in different high-volume production processes. Tunnel cleaning machines are equipped with a conveyor and they are designed for continuous operation. Parts are run through the machine with speed giving the cleaning result and capacity required.

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TEIJO tunnel parts cleaning machines can be equipped with a wide range of extra equipment for increasing the efficiency and the ease of operation. TEIJO offers tunnel cleaning machines with a 400 and 600 mm wide inlet. The standard height of the inlet is 400 mm. The speed of the conveyor is 500 mm/min. The length of the machine is based on the required washing result and capacity.



  • Functions: 1 cleaning phase + drying blower
  • Length: 7 200 mm
  • Insert: 600 × 400 mm
  • Conveyor speed: 2 m/min
  • Tank capacity: 2 000 l
  • Heating power 48 kW


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