Used Machines

Drum Grinder (used)

COMEC TR1500 brake disc and drum lathe

METALAS MINOR 75 used washing machine


SIMPLEX 80 AP DGT used washing machine with high pressure pump

LABOREX R12 used washing machine

BERCO RAC1500 used camshaft grinding machine


SCHOU used crankshaft grinding machine

ROBBI REX1200 used crankshaft grinding machine

AMC used hydraulic wheel dresser


SCLEDUM AV760 used cylinder boring machine

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UNION UNIFIL 500 RVS paper filter unit

Chuck (used) for external honing MB770, range 3-127mm

SUNNEN JN-90 used junior cylinder honing head 51-66mm


SUNNEN MPS used honing head module

Range: 203 - 299mm

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SUNNEN 2G-P28-1000-VA used honing mandrel

Range:  25,1 - 27,0 mm

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SUNNEN 2G-P28-1250-WB used honing mandrel

Range: 31,1 - 34,9 mm

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SUNNEN 2G-P28-1375-WC used honing mandrel

Range: 34,4 - 38,1 mm

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SUNNEN 3G-P28-1625-WD used honing mandrel

Range: 40,8 - 44,5 mm

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SUNNEN 3G-P28-1750-WE used honing mandrel

Range: 43,9 - 47,6 mm

SUNNEN 2H-P28-1875-WE used honing mandrel (blind bore)

Range: 47,1 - 50,8 mm

SUNNEN 2H-P28-2250-WF used honing mandrel

Range 56,6 - 60,3 mm

SUNNEN 3H-P28-2250-WF used honing mandrel

Range:  56,6 - 60,3 mm
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SUNNEN 4H-P28-2250 used honing mandrel

Range: 56,64 - 60,33mm

SUNNEN 2H-P28-2375-WG used honing mandrel

Range: 59,81 - 63,50 mm
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SUNNEN 4H-P28-2375 used honing mandrel

Range 59,81- 63,50 mm

SUNNEN 2H-P28-2500-WG used honing mandrel

Range: 62,99 - 66,68 mm

SUNNEN CR 2500 used honing mandrel

Range: 63,5 - 68,6 mm

SUNNEN CR 3100 used honing mandrel

Range: 78,7 - 83,8 mm

DELAPENA SPEEDHONE used honing machine

DELAPENA E2000 used honing machine (demo)

SUNNEN LBB-1699 used honing machine

with COR380 honing head and AG300 conrod measuring gage

MAKTEST TK1026.03 used Common Rail injector test bench

CARMEC HBM810 line boring machine (never used) bj 2013

Plan table 60x60cm (used)

ETALON used outside micrometer 75-100mm

SUNNEN used bore gage 3

CARL MAHR used marameter 25-60mm

CARL MAHR used marameter 50-100mm

SUNNEN used bore gage 2

SUNNEN CF-1000-M used setting fixture for dial bore gage 50-150mm

SUNNEN GAM 2121 used gauge 50 - 150mm (not complete)

SUNNEN GRM-6000 used dial bore gage

SUNNEN used bore gage 1


MERCER 750/62 used gauge 50-150mm metric

FRATELLI used milling machine

DELTA HERO used milling machine


COOLANT CHILLER 240V, 1Ph, 50Hz (used as oil cooler)

Special Offer

PETROLINE OT150 portable oil separator (demo model)

Special Offer

SME DB2 portable oil separator (demo model)

Valve guide press pneumatic (used)

Press manual (used)


CARMEC PTR1300 used pressure tester

CMV 9075X used shotblasting machine

LABOREX used shotblaster

Blasting cabinet (RVS) used


WESTMIN K-200 + SES S40 used soda blasters


ZANROSSO ESA16S used surface grinding machine

TECNO-UP SM 1000 used surface grinding machine

Note: this is a sample image!

SERDI 3.0L used valve seat cutting machine

Note: this is a sample image!

SUNNEN VGS-20 used valve seat cutting machine

MANSON used seat grinder

SERDI used flat-end fixture system with long bars (1)

Special Offer!

SERDI used supports

300 x 110 mm

KWIKWAY SVSII used valve refacer

PEG DB-20 used dressing tool for cogged connecting rods with cutter for Waukeska/Guascor

QUANTUM used coredrill