Lavapen LP3-X

Brand: Teknox

This model is ideal for a successful washing of small and medium size mechanical parts. The washing is carried out manually with two gloves fitted in the front part.
The appropriate washing results are ensured by a high pressure pump and a special spray-nozzle.

Two models are available:

P version, with pneumatic supply only, for the use of detergents at room temperature.
C and X version have electric supply and can reach
60 °C for the washing liquid and wash parts with an adjustable pressure pump able to reach 8 bar for the C version, and 80 bar for the X version.

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LAVAPEN parts washer makes possible the manual parts washing inside a closed and wholly safe cabin. Operators locate parts inside the machine, close the cover and put his arms in the gloves then press the pedal to make the spraying pump work. A non-slip hand grip spray nozzle allows operators to wash thoroughly all parts holes and those parts difficult to reach. 3 different sizes of machines and types of cleaning are available:

  • fully pneumatic for the use of strongly aggressive products (P version)
  • electric supply for water-based liquid heating to 60 °C with a max washing pressure of 9 bar (C version)
  • electric supply for water-based liquid heating to 60 °C with a max washing pressure up to 80 bar (X version)
LAVAPEN parts washers can be equipped on demand with a compressed air blowing gun placed inside.


What is included in each LAVAPEN

  • Washing activated by pedal
  • Assisted door closing with gas springs and closing hook
  • Safety limit switch on the door opening
  • PVC gloves (oil and grease-repellent, good resistance to chemical products)
  • Neon light for interior lighting
  • Adjustable feet +/- 50 mm
  • Closing door with hoses and tempered glass
  • Structure and plates in STAINLESS steel AISI 304


What can be added as an accessory

  • Longer gloves in neoprene
  • High pressure washing gun
  • Compressed air blowing gun


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