REX 1800

Brand: Robbi

REX Crankshaft Grinders are designed to utilize the most accurate and efficient crankshaft setup system available.
REX Crankshaft Grinders use work heads with 4-way cross slides with an advanced locking system which permits quick centering of the crankshaft.
Heavy duty one piece cast iron construction assures you a lifetime of superior accuracy and dependability.
Whatever your crank grinding needs, REX has a model designed to do the job that your customers demand at a price that you can afford.

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Standard Equipment

  • Electric installation 24 V
  • Hydraulic installation
  • Cooling installation with tank
  • Two self centering chucks
  • Pair of additional counter weights
  • Grinding wheel with pair of wheel hubs
  • Narrow steady rest
  • Wheel periphery and side truing attachment with diamond
  • Eccentricity control device with dial gauge
  • Truing fixture for checking concentricity with dial gauge
  • V-square for centering of crankpins with dial gauge
  • Wheel balancing mandrel
  • Motor drive pulley for reduced wheel diameter
  • Grinding wheel stripper
  • Set of steel splash guards
  • Service spanners
  • Operating manual
  • Set of steel splash guards
  • Service spanners
  • Operating manual


Technical Specifications

  • Distance between centers: mm 1800
  • Distance between chucks: mm 1750
  • Height of centers over table: mm 300
  • Swing over table: mm 600
  • Offset of centers: mm 125
  • Grinding diameter: mm 180
  • Fast hydraulic wheelhead traverse: mm 130
  • Hand micrometric wheelhead feed: mm 170
  • Hand micrometric wheelhead feed graduation: mm 0,005
  • Whellhead feed per reverse: mm 1
  • Hand micrometric worktable traverse per reverse: mm 8
  • Fast hydraulic worktable traverse: m/ min 3
  • Grinding wheel speeds: rpm 850-940
  • Grinding wheel diameter: mm 760
  • Width of grinding wheel (min – max): mm 19-50
  • Diameter of chucks: mm 200
  • Chucks holding diameter: mm 250
  • Rest capacity: mm. 30 -120
  • Workhead spindle speeds: r.p.m. 0 – 60
  • Max. weight on centers: Kg. 350
  • Max. weight on rests: Kg. 800
  • Lenght x width x height: m. 4.5 x 1.65 x 1.7
  • Approx. net weight: Kg. 4600


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