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The Rottler SG80 series were created specifically for machine shops that rebuild small to large cylinder heads found in the heavy duty engine industry. Large cylinder heads come in many shapes and sizes, from 24 valve single casting cylinder heads to huge single cylinder heads used in natural gas, mining and marine workboat engines. We put our trusted engine block machining technology to work designing a heavy duty machine that handles many operations required on a wide variety of cylinder heads.

At Rottler we believed that many large cylinder heads could be “plunge cut” with fixed tooling to save time and money. We realized that plunge cutting would require a very rigid machine utilizing many of our already established design features such as Rottler’s exclusive spindle design.

Over the decades, Rottler’s spindle design has proven that our engine block machines are able to “plunge cut” wide counterbores found in large engine blocks with exceptional results. We used this spindle design for the
SG80MTS and it has since been proven that the SG80MTS is capable of plunge cutting large valve seats very quickly and with excellent CONCEN and surface finish.The machine has 2 modes of operation:

  • MANUALMATIC – a brand new concept has been added to these machines which should increase productivity by 30-50%. During seat cutting, the operator does not have to operate any buttons or switches, simply turn the spindle feed steering wheel up and down and the control takes care of all the functions like workhead float/clamp, pilot centering in the valve guide and spindle on/off. When depth of seat is reached, the control automatically changes spindle RPM to high/finish speed to give equal depth of every seat and consistent surface finish results.
  • MANUAL – the buttons on touch screen are the same as the previous SGM machines. There is no external dial gage, the spindle vertical position is displayed on the touch screen. Simply feed the spindle down until the cutting insert touches the valve seat, touch set zero button and then the digital display will show exactly where the spindle is at all times. The change from low to high/finishing speed is easier as there are 2 separate buttons. The foot pedal for clamp and float of workhead has been eliminated and now controlled on touch screen for manual and automatically for MANUALMATIC.


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Proven Rottler Spindle Design - The large diameter precision spindle nut has an R40 taper with the Quick Change Self Locking Spindle Nut System. Tooling never comes loose and no wrenches are required to change tools. Rottlers unique Heavy Duty tooling allows large and wide Valve Seats to be machined to accurate Concentricity. Solid Carbide Pilots offer maximum rigidity and long lifefor years of precision machine work. UNIPILOT Tooling - The UNIPILOT tooling system allows the carbide centralizing UNIPILOT to work like a live pilot. It stays in the spindle while moving from valve guide to valve guide, but all at the same time has a fixed pilot design to give improved concen. See brochure for more information. 360 Degree Roll Over Fixture - Rottler's 360 Degree Roll Over Fixture comes standard on the SG80A. The fixture allows large 24 valve cylinder heads to be clamped with reference to their head gasket fire deck and rolled 360 degrees in one set up. The heavy duty clamping and fine adjust system allow quick leveling and rigid clamping for heavy cutting during machining. (Optional) Adjustable Air Float and Air Clamp Work Table - The large worktable of the SG80A consists of two 68" (1730mm) long parallels that are mounted on an air floating and air clamping base. These extra long T-slot parallels allow a wide variety of fixtures and jobs to be set up for machining. The complete table and fixture assembly is easily adjusted in/out with air float and locked rigidly with air clamping allowing cylinder heads with four valves per cylinder to be adjusted in/out and machined without resetting of the cylinder head in the fixture. Just press the foot pedal to float the table, slide in or out and the table locks in position ready for machining.


  • Control: Manual
  • Travel - Spindle: Nose to Table 305mm Spindle - Taper:  R40 Quick Change with Automatic Lock
  • Spindle - Diameter: 95mm
  • Spindle - Rotation Speed: 40 to 500 RPM Spindle - Motor: 3.75 Kw
  • Valve Seat Diameter Range: 14-210mm
  • Guide Diameter Range: 4-38mm
  • Cylinder Head Dimensions (with 360 degree rollover fixture): 1250L x 355W x 370Hmm
  • Cylinder Head Dimensions (with Parallels): UnlimitedL x 406W x 340 & 125Hmm
  • Spindle Travel/Stroke Vertical: 254mm
  • Workhead Travel Horizontal - Airfloat/Airclamp: 1120mm
  • Workhead Travel In/Out - Airfloat/Airclamp: 58mm
  • Workhead Tilt (either side of vertical zero): 10 Degrees
  • Roll Fixture Movement In/Out with Clamp: 190mm
  • Maximum Distance from Paraleels to Spindle: 763mm
  • Dimensions - Machine: 1194D x 1753W x 2108mm H
  • Dimensions - Shipping: 1372D x 2057W x 2286mm H
  • Machine Weight: 2273 kg
  • Electrical Requirements: 208-240V, 30A, 50/60Hz, 1Ph
  • Air Requirements: 400 l/min @ 6 bar
  • Paint Color Code: RAL9002 (Grey White)


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